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a glass of pure water
The U.S. EPA has ordered 10 California public drinking water systems to monitor for Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the source water of their drinking water systems, or face penalties of up to $32,500 / day per violation.
a glass of pure water
Keep It Clean: Bacteria and Water Cooler Hygiene

Article reprinted from Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine, Oct. 1997

A chef
Top chefs just say no to serving bottled water - and yes to helping the environment.
A chef
Bottled water is now being recognized as being environmentally irresponsible due to the energy costs to produce, distribute and ultimately dispose of the bottles.
Aqua Chill cooler and 5 gallon bottles
It's silly, because bottled water is often just plain ol' tap water that may or may not have been filtered.
water from a tap filling a glass
You drink it and use it for cooking. You bathe in it and breathe in the steam. In some parts of the Valley, you could be putting yourself at risk.
plastic baby bottle
Many people are concerned about the chemical bisphenol A or BPA. The chemical is found in some plastics and is being exposed to people.
a glass of pure water
After a 3 month investigation, the ABC15 Investigators found high levels of a toxin in areas throughout the valley for years.