Customer Testimonials

April 21, 2009

Our office switched to Aqua Chill about two years ago. Everything they told us is true. We love the water, the service, the convenience and the low cost. We are extremely happy with Aqua Chill.

Brent Forrest, President
Brent Forrest & Associates

April 21, 2009

Aqua Chill of San Antonio hs been providing water coolers to our office for over 2 years. We have been very pleased with their system and service.

Marilyn Dykes,
Business Manager
San Antonio Heart Associates, P.A.

June 25, 2008

A short note from a satisfied customer! I have lost track but Ken Alteman and all of the folks at Aqua Chill have been taking very good care of Security Title's drinking water needs for several years now. Always a pleasure.
Thanks for all you do Ken and Cynthia and everyone at Aqua Chill.

Larry Pryde
Security Title Agency

As an owner of a small business, I have been fortunate to have met Matthew Gilmore of Aqua Chill. Our company used to purchase bottled water. We would go through about 12-15 bottles a month, and sometimes run out. Not only are the bottles heavy and awkward, it is very costly. We literally do not do anything, except to push a button, and enjoy the hot or cold water. Aqua Chill comes in to your home or business to change the filters. We also had this type of unit installed in our home, and it is so much better.
I cannot emphasize how many people I tell about this company. It tastes better, it is easy, and you never have to order anything. The only thing that you would have to do is pay the bill, which I would say is at least one third or more less than bottled water.

Susan Brock
International Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.

Aqual Chill has been a great experience. Not only that the water tastes just as good, but because now I don't have to change the heavy bottles I used to and make a mess each time. In addition, we saved on space due to not having to store water bottles (both filled and empty ones). Moreover, because we are a bank, we have added security measures and with Aqua Chill we don't have to worry about who's delivering the water (new people each time) even though it's just our kitchen area requires taking people off the line to oversee delivery. Lastly, responsiveness and accountability by the franchise owner (Matt Gilmore) because he has a relationship with us and not just a service provider.
Best regards,

Scott F. Cha-Choe
Vice President & Branch Manager